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Blocked Drains

The preparations for the lunchtime rush were hectic to say the least. The shop would be full of hungry customers…

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Hot Water

It was a perfect Summer’s day to be out on Botany Bay fishing. Ken loved living in the St George Area as he…

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Emergency Plumbing

Grace and Luke work up early to go for their regular morning jog. They were getting themselves fit for the upcoming…

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Pipe Relining

“Plumber Hurstville is your number one plumbing company for a same day plumbing service that is always fast, friendly and affordable. Call us right away on 0488 886 300. As a way of saying ‘thank you’ to our customers, you will save $25 if you book a job with us online!”

Facts About Plumber Hurstville

Hurstville is a suburb of Sydney, located 16 kilometres south-west of Sydney’s CBD, making up part of the St George area. It is a large, multicultural area and is now considered the CBD for Sydney’s southern suburbs. Interestingly, more than 50% of its residents are of Chinese ancestry.

Locals have the huge Westfield Hurstville shopping centre at their doorstep and a range of dining-out options with largely an Asian flavour. The Hurstville Civic Centre (now called the Hurstville Entertainment Centre) was the venue for eight of AC/DC’s concerts in the 1970s. Today, it’s used for a range of public events, such as theatre shows and information sessions.

Famous residents of Hurstville, past and present include Jack Brabham (Formula One world champion racing car driver), Miles Franklin (writer), Neville Hayes (swimmer), and Ray Lindwall (Australian test cricketer). Famous people like these are not immune to plumbing problems. They can strike for any one of us at any time. When your plumbing plays up, call Plumber Hurstville. They’re just around the corner and always ready to come to the rescue!

Plumber Hurstville Fact

Plumber Hurstville offers its customers the following services:

we offer many other plumbing services as part of our commitment
Repair of cracked or leaking pipes
Gas line and bayonet servicing
Installation of rainwater tanks
Repair/replacement of ineffective toilets
Maintenance of hot water systems or replacement when needed
Overhauling and repair of sewer systems, without the need to destroy your landscape
Repair or complete replacement of taps in your bathroom, kitchen etc

Here’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to call Plumber Hurstville today:

Our plumbers are guaranteed to arrive on time to take on plumbing problems of all sorts.


We ensure that Plumber Hurstville’s work vans are always stocked with the tools and supplies



Our plumbers at Plumber Hurstville are highly experienced and professional plumbers



Our technicians at Plumber Hurstville will show up at your property in tidy work uniforms



We consider honesty and openness of paramount importance and we are always transparent about our prices


Cost Effective Services

We also check other plumbing fixtures throughout your home and advise you accordingly



All the plumbing work we do for our valued customers is fully guaranteed



Plumbing problems can strike when you least expect them – and usually do


what clients say

Plumber Hurstville saved the day when little Harry’s toilet training resulted in a blocked toilet!

The Lee family were so proud of little Harry who was getting better and better at using the toilet himself. They never thought the day would come. Yet another milestone for him! Mimi Lee, husband John Lee and Harry were about to head out the door to catch a train to the zoo. Mimi asked the boys to hold on as she needed to use the toilet first. After flushing, she was surprised to see the toilet bowl fill with water and not flush as it should. She tried flushing again, but this only worsened the situation. She called John to have a look. They both realised the toilet was blocked of course which wasn’t a problem they could leave unattended. Harry was a bit upset when his dad said they would have to call a plumber and wait for him instead of going to the zoo. John remembered his neighbour Stephen calling a plumber earlier in the year for a similar problem. He heard him mowing the front lawn so popped his head out and asked Stephen about the plumber. Stephen told Harry that Plumber Hurstville had done their plumbing work and that they were the bee’s knees – fast, very professional and surprisingly affordable. Sounded good to John! He called Plumber Hurstville right away and was told they’d send a plumber over shortly.

Sure enough, a plumber was at the Lee’s property promptly. The plumber was a really friendly guy and he and John had a bit of banter as John led the plumber to the toilet. After inspecting the toilet plumbing, the plumber saw that the cause of the blockage was excess toilet paper. Ah ha! John had noticed a few times that little Harry had thrown bundles of toilet paper down the toilet and on each occasion told him to use far less. Lesson learnt – the Lees still had to supervise Harry when using the toilet! The plumber was able to fish the paper out fairly easily and the toilet was functioning well again. Best of all, there was still plenty of time to visit the zoo! Harry was thrilled and the Lees were happy to know that they had such a wonderful local plumbing company. John thanked Stephen for the recommendation as they left the house to catch a train.

For minor plumbing problems to plumbing catastrophes, Plumber Hurstville is your top choice for a fast and friendly same day plumbing service. Call us today on 0488 886 300. We’ll look after you!

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