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pipe-relining icon 320x2Your sewer system is probably not something that you give a lot of thought, even though it is such an important facility. Whilst it may not cause you any headaches for years on end, it is likely that at some point, your plumbing will cease to work efficiently. This could be due to a minor blockage or the invasion of tree roots – a sewer system’s number one enemy. If the latter occurs, professional help will be needed to get your sewer lines repaired. You’ll know your system is blocked or damaged if the following signs are detected:

  • Gurgling or bubbling sounds are heard from sinks and basins
  • Your toilet won’t flush properly
  • There are foul stenches coming from your kitchen and bathroom areas
  • Your external sewer gully is overflowing
  • The water in your sinks and basins drains very slowly

There are instances when blocked drains and the like can be cleared with the use of a household plumbing aid, such as a plunger. When you can’t rectify your plumbing issue yourself, do not hesitate to call your local professional plumber immediately. Plumbing issues left unattended will inevitably result in a much larger problem.

Whilst sewer line repairs can be a nuisance, the good news is that excavation is no longer required to overhaul your sewer system. Today, there is an innovative sewer pipe rehabilitation method that does not require messy and destructive digging at you property. This method is known as ‘pipe relining’ and utilises the cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) process.

An overview of pipe relining

Put simply, pipe relining involves inserting a resin-soaked fibreglass or cloth pipe into the host pipe to create a new pipe within a pipe. This results in the relined pipe being sturdier than ever and more resilient to tree root invasion and other potential threats. Pipe relining is suitable for various types of sewer pipes, ranging from 40mm to 600mm in length.

Pipe relining – step-by-step process

The pipe relining process involves the following carefully executed steps:

  • Partial cleaning of pipes – The first step is to partially clean the affected sewer pipe with a hydro jetter to get it ready for the second step in the pipe relining process: the video inspection.
  • Internal video inspection – Next, an inspection of the inside of the pipe is conducted via a CCTV sewer camera. This allows the plumbers to view the location and severity of the damage. The client is able to view this footage also, giving them the ability to make a more informed decision about whether pipe relining is suitable for their plumbing issue.
  • Thorough clean – If all agree that pipe relining is suitable for the plumbing job at hand, a very thorough clean of the sewer line will be performed in preparation for the lining installation.
  • Installation of the liner – Once the sewer line is squeaky clean, the epoxy resin-saturated liner will be inverted into the host pipe. An air compressor is then utilised to inflate the liner and press it firmly to the diameter of the host pipe for a precise fit.
  • Curing of the liner – Once the plumbers are satisfied that the lining is properly in place, it will be left to cure for about two hours. For larger pipes, steam may be used to accelerate the drying time.
  • Quality control: the final step – Once the lining has cured, the plumbers will conduct a second video inspection to ensure the relining has been performed successfully.

Why you should consider pipe relining – the benefits

As you have no doubt concluded by now, pipe relining is a marvellous alternative to traditional excavation methods of pipe repair. Here are some of the benefits our past clients have enjoyed as a result of opting for this revolutionary method of pipe rehabilitation:

  • As there is no need to dig up your property with pipe relining, hence no subsequent landscaping repair costs, pipe relining is a cost-effective method of sewer system repair.
  • Minimal disruption. This ‘no dig’ method of pipe repair means no disruption to your landscape and very minimal disruption to your lifestyle. Pipe relining typically takes less than a day, unlike methods involving excavation which can take several days to complete.
  • A better functioning sewer system. Pipes that have been relined actually perform better than those that haven’t been relined. The wastewater flow through relined pipes is steadier and smoother.
  • 50 year guarantee. One of the biggest advantages of pipe relining is that it is guaranteed to last for up to 50 years.

If your sewer system requires attention, why not give pipe relining a go? Call us today on 0412 156 887 and one of our pipe relining experts will happily answer any further questions you have about this amazing method of pipe repair.