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Burst Hot Water Hurstville

It was a perfect Summer’s day to be out on Botany Bay fishing. Ken loved living in the St George Area as he was close to the water where he could pursue his love of fishing. His father had taken him fishing since a young boy and the time they spent fishing together was great bonding time between father and son.

Ken had taken his 14-year-old son out in his boat for the first time in months. His son was very excited as he was showing his son how to catch his own bait. They were after “nippers” or saltwater yabbies. There were certain the intertidal estuary zones in Cooks River that were perfect nipper hunting grounds, they just had to pick the right tides to pump them.

The nippers live in sand and commute around via tunnels, they have legs but actually swim through their water-filled tunnels. There is still water in these tunnels even at low tide when the sand flats are exposed.

Ken anchored his boat on one of the sand flats, armed with his nipper pump, net and bucket. The idea is to plunge the pump into the sand pull the plunger handle up and sand is sucked into the tube. Pump out the sand slurry onto the sand next to you and looks for live nippers squirming around.

“Jun, fill up the bucket with fresh salt water and place the collected nippers into the bucket. Watch out for the female nippers they can have a rather large claw that can snap onto your fingers.”

Jun was very enthusiastic and it wasn’t long before Ken and Jun had enough bait to head off for the days fishing. They were very lucky to catch a few fish, a bream and a flathead were amongst the haul. They headed home a little sunburnt but with huge smiles on their faces.

Ken and Jun washed the boat down and washed out the motor before returning it to the garage. Later that afternoon Ken noticed there seems to be a lot of water coming from the garage and knew that the boat was not that wet when they put it away. He entered the garage and traced the leak to his storage hot water tank. Water was flooding from the bottom of the tank and was running out of the front of the garage.

Ken knew this was not good. He searched his phone for the Hurstville Plumber’s number and found Your Neighbourhood Plumber Hurstville in his directory. He explained to the plumber what sort of tank he had and the size and the plumber was able to pick on up from the suppliers whilst he was on his way.

This was a smooth install as there was easy access to replace the old tank and there was only a small amount of pipework that needed to be replaced. The Hurstville Plumber had restored hot water to the property by the early evening.

If your hot water tank has burst call the Hurstville Hot Water Specialists 0412 156 887 or service now!

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