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Do you have any Plumbing Emergency? Your Emergency Plumbing Problems Solved Fast! Fast response, 24hr/365 days and we only charge from the time of arrival. Over 125,000 home emergencies attended every year!

All our emergency plumbing engineers are able to tackle any 24 hour plumbing, heating, or drainage emergency including:

  • Hot Water emergencies
  • Drain blockage emergencies
  • Leaks and burst pipes

Or Request For Expert Advice

Plumbing Emergency Hurstville

Grace and Luke work up early to go for their regular morning jog. They were getting themselves fit for the upcoming local charity fun run. They had set aside the time to plan to run every morning before work and take a longer run on Saturday mornings.

It was a crisp Spring morning around 7am when they set off. It was the best time of the day, the air was fresher and there was not a lot of traffic or people around so they could run along the narrow backstreets relatively safely from cars.

They ran past the untidy house with the seriously long grass, waved to Mrs Brown tending her garden in the morning sun, then approached the angry dog house. Right on time as they reached this house the dog started backing and leaping at the side fence. Every day Grace and Luke were thankful that the side fence was strong enough to hold back the big dog.

At the half way point they did a quick lap of the park and turned back towards home. They started to pick up the pace a bit to test each other out. Luke won the mini race and slowed down to allow Grace to catch up to him on the run back to their house.

As they we nearing their house they saw that there was a car parked over their driveway and a few people gathered out the front. They got to their driveway and saw their neighbour’s daughter with L plates all over the car and tears rolling down her face.

It seems that she went to apply the brakes on the car as she entered her driveway and instead she hit the accelerator. She had then ran over their garden tap and her Dad was frantically calling Your Neighbourhood Plumber Hurstville so he could organise an Emergency Plumber Hurstville to repair the snapped off garden tap.

“ I am so sorry.” Jemma said. “I don’t know what happened.”

“We all make mistakes Jemma, I am sure we can fix this one.” Grace Said.

The Emergency Plumber Hurstville arrived as quickly as possible as was able to isolate the water and repair the garden tap as good as new. The front of Jemma’s car was not so lucky as it had a big dent where she had run over the garden tap.

If you have a Hurstville Plumbing Emergency call 0412 156 887 for service 24 hours 7 days a week.

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